ENC Features

ENC is uniquely positioned to help organizations design, build, test and manage their applications to drive high performance.

Skills and Experience

We’ve been an application services leader for more than 4 years. We’re the #1 integrator for Salesforce, Android & iOS Application Development and many of the leading software and hardware providers.

User Satisfaction

We know our clients and their industry—combining specialized industry experiences and assets in more than 40 industries—to catalyze creative, industry-specific solutions.

Delivery Quality

ENC stands for excellence in delivery. We continue to outperform the industry according to third party benchmarks. With our standardized processes, methods and tools, we deliver reliable, measurable, repeatable and predictable results with reduced risk and speed to market.

Top Talent

Our exceptionally talented people are our ultimate differentiator. We hire, train and develop the best people in the industry. We ground them in our strong culture of client service as they work collaboratively with our clients in global teams to drive high performance at scale


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e-Commerce Solution

We are one of the the best e-commerce solution provider, which is a set of technological applications, and business processes that links enterprises with Potential consumers.

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Browser Toolbar Plugin

Wayindia makes Custom Toolbar and Browser Plugin Development for all the popular browsers. It provides the customers a unique Business Opportunities

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Android App Development

Our Android experts make use of the comprehensive set of development tools offered by the Android SDK to create applications which adds value to our customers.

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iPhone App Development

Wayindia's iPhone developers have good knowledge and experience in iPhone application development. They use iPhone & iPad supported technologies.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs