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ENCTCS provides managed application maintenance and support at varying levels to meet your exact needs. We manage applications built using a wide variety of technologies. Our services include pro-active monitoring, root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance, service continuity and continuous improvement in the stability and availability of applications.

We apply a strong service delivery methodology that is based on known error databases (KEDBs), cookbooks and standard operating procedures. We meet or exceed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Business Level Agreements (BLAs).


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The way in which enterprises manage their applications is rapidly changing. Today’s enterprises must quickly react to the changing dynamics of the marketplace in order to remain competitive. Spurred by the opportunities of increased agility, uninterrupted service and reduced complexity, many CIOs and business stakeholders are looking towards new approaches for application management, searching for new ways to drive business growth. HCL brings over 35 years of experience in managing complex IT application and infrastructure environments offering a full set of Application Support and Maintenance solutions. We are consistently rated as a leading application services provider by leading analysts. With a presence in 31 countries and a team of 40,000 applications experts, we provide forward thinking organizations with transformational solutions to meet their individual business requirements.

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ENCTCS ALT ASM™ is creating a paradigm shift in application support. ALT ASM delivers value beyond traditional application management giving you more time and funds to transform your business with greater agility and efficiency. With committed operational gains, our solution helps your business focus on what it does best by providing seamless visibility and monitoring to business operations. ALT ASM helps IT leaders manage and govern their application landscape through the reduction of waste, proactive problem management and a business aligned operating model designed to offer agility and flexibility to meet their changing needs


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