Even in the era of social media, bulk-e-mail marketing is still one of the best ways to get your message in front of customers and prospects. Our bulk-e-mail marketing plans make it easy to do just that, whether you want to send a mass email or communicate with a highly targeted list of contacts.

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates to compose your unique message. Our bulke-e-mail marketing tool allows you to add text, images and other elements with simple, drag-and-drop controls.

You can also manage contact lists and schedule messages to go out at the time that works best for your customers. To help you learn more about your customers and track ROI, our bulk-e-mail marketing software includes powerful real-time reporting and analysis tools.

Our bulk-e-mail marketing tool allows for the creation of a great-looking, high-impact email campaigns. With professionally designed templates and easy, drag-and-drop controls, you can quickly create and deliver an email message.

When it comes to delivering your message, timing is a big factor. Our bulk-e-mail marketing software allows you to choose the exact date and time that you would like to deliver your message. This means you can compose now, and send later – seeing to it that your email arrives when it will have the biggest impact.

To help maximize the impact of your campaigns, our bulk-e-mail marketing tool includes powerful, real-time reports. You can see how each email has performed and discover which contacts have opened emails and clicked on links. You can use these insights to plan future emails so that they are even more effective.


Contact Management Features

Import Mailing List

Remove Unsubscribed Contacts

Group Your Email Contacts

Automatically Detect Duplicate Emails

Add Customer Demographic Fields

Require Opt-in