With AWS, you can use whatever CMS you like, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. ENCTCS also supports and provides SDKs for popular platforms like Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and .Net..

Your customers can be anywhere in the world. With ENCTCS you can have a datacenter hosting your website in any geography you choose with just a few mouse clicks.

Website traffic can fluctuate a lot. From quiet times in the middle of the night, to campaign driven, social media sharing traffic spikes, ENCTCS infrastructure that can grow and shrink to meet your needs.

ENCTCS only charges you for the resources you use, with no up-front costs or long-term contracts. AWS has web hosting options that offer pay-as-you-go pricing or fixed monthly pricing.

Some surfaces must withstand the most unusual loads or meet unusual requirements for new functionalities. Special high-end coatings on glass and glass-ceramic allow for extreme resistance, e.g. from scratches. Other functions can also be achieved by targeted surface treatment. What does your surface have to handle?.

Glass offers innovative solutions for numerous ideas and projects. It enjoys having the most versatile properties imaginable, which can be changed and adapted as is required. Thus, there is a high potential for innovation, which can lead to entirely new application areas coming into use. It is what makes glass one of the most versatile materials for the future..