We specialise in short-term strategic recommendations to improve overall digital marketing or Ecommerce effectiveness. Alternatively we advise on specific marketing channels such as search, social media, Paid advertising/PPC, reputation management or improving conversion of your sites. We can help you with,

  • SEO audit and recommendations
  • Review of Google AdWords effectiveness
  • Social media and content strategy
  • Landing page optimization to increase ranking + conversion
  • Reputation management
  • Conversion rate optimisation for Ecommerce and other sites
  • Setup of customised business tracking in Google Analytics
  • Email marketing contact strategies
  • When first landing on your website’s homepage, prospective clients will be on the hunt for your value proposition. As your unique selling point (USP), the value proposition should be the first thing that visitors see when clicking on your website link. Whether in just a sentence or a short paragraph, it is essential that you instantly draw prospective clients in by articulating exactly what you do, who you can do it for, and what makes you the best choice.

    As an independent consultant, I have found that it is essential to show your face on your website to stand out in a sea of qualified competition. Therefore, I have incorporated a slideshow of pictures, videos, and graphics to immediately connect with visitors as well as communicate the value of my services.