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Course Outline

->   Getting Started with WordPress

->   Blogging Basics

->   Types of blogs

->   Manual installation on a web server

->   Administration

->   Understanding the Dashboard

->   How to find and install plugins

->   Setting up user accounts

->   Elements of a Post

->   Managing Posts, Categories and tagst

->   Adding an About page

->   Adding your links

->   Site Design: Themes

->   How to find and install new themes

->   The basics components and files of a theme

->   How to use widgets

->   Quick PHP Overview

->   Review of basics template tags

->   Adding Functionality and Interactivity to your Blog

->   What is a Plugin?

->   How to find and install plugins

->   Popular and useful plugins

->   Marketing your Blog

->   Adding Analytics and RSS Feeds

->   SEO Optimization

->   Integrating social media sites

->   How to monetize your blog

->   Themes: ‘Under the Hood’

->   Blog design considerations

->   Dissecting how a theme works

->   Creating a basic theme from scratch